Stargazing Apps

There are actually several apps that can help you experience the sky better.


Downloading apps has become second-nature to this generation; that much is true. One issue is that some people become picky about the apps they download, so much so that they miss out on all the fun. One fun app that most people won’t even think of downloading is a stargazing app. Most people probably think that these apps are just hoaxes, and that they won’t really help you in gazing at any star whatsoever.

Here’s the big news though: the stargazing apps are just as valuable as the apps of online shops like Lazada and Zalora, as well as those travel apps that help you book your Amsterdam holiday via mobile especially with i amsterdam card vs museumkaart reviews online. These stargazing apps will definitely help you in making your nighttime experience more memorable (and, if you’re lucky, more romantic).

The Best Stargazing Apps You Can Download


App #1: Star Walk 2. The app uses your camera once it’s pointed toward the sky, and allows you to see the sky in a new way. The app points out where each star, constellation, and satellite is above you. There is also a search option, if you are on the hunt for something specific and don’t want to pan across the entire sky. Plus, each constellation comes with a description, so stop and read about what’s overhead. There is also plenty of info on things that might not be in the sky at that moment, like clusters, meteor showers, and planetary nebulae.

App #2: SkySafari 5. Never question if that bright light in the sky is a star or a planet again with one of the best stargazing apps on the market, SkySafari 5. With over 119,000 stars and 220 star clusters programmed into the app, you have access to the entire sky of possibilities. There is even info about galaxies, the Solar System, major planets, moons, comets, and satellites.

App #3: Night Sky. Night Sky takes stargazing to a different level with this augmented reality app; walk through the entirety of the solar system. Without the need to actually be outside, bring the universe to your phone with the touch of a finger. There are even options to see the current space missions. Explore any planet you choose, and land on them yourself.


  1. So many great star gazing apps available. I use every single one of them LOL

    • So many apps to choose from! The best thing about it – it’s free! 🙂

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